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The Hunt

Year after year Saskatchewan lives up to its famed nick-name “The Land of the Living Skies.” Saskatchewan whose name is derived from the Saskatchewan River meaning “swift flowing river” consist of vast acres of rolling grain fields and potholes in the South to dense desolate bush country in the North! Where these vast rolling grain field and desolate bush country meet is where Swift River Outfitters calls home. The area that we hunt is home to some of the first grain fields that millions of Ducks, Canada Geese, White-Fronted Geese, Snow Geese and Sandhill Crane stage at as they make their yearly migration south.  With access to a vast area and very liberal limits hunters have the opportunity to endure what we believe to be the best waterfowl hunting in North America.

Fall Waterfowl Hunts

Saskatchewan being located in a flyway with millions of Snow geese, Canada geese, white-fronted geese, Sandhill Crane and numerous species of ducks our hunters have a unique opportunity to harvest multiple species of waterfowl on their hunt with us. Starting in Early September and running through late October day in and day out we strive to provide a world class waterfowl hunting opportunity for each and every one of you. 

A typical day with Swift River Outfitters consists of either a Canada Goose or Snow Goose hunt in the morning and a duck/crane hunt in the afternoon. This is all dependent on what we have for birds in the area at that given time of the year and what we feel our best option is to put you on a successful hunt. If limits or near limits of 2 species are reached during the morning hunt most likely we will opt not to hunt the afternoon. Each day we spend morning and evening tearing up the gravel roads to find freshly scouted fields to assure you a truly memorable hunt. With our superior knowledge of the area, the highest quality of equipment and personal drive, we do everything in our power to show you the amazing spectacle of waterfowl hunting that Saskatchewan has to offer.


  • 8 Canada Geese (3 day possession)
  • 8 Ducks (3 day possession)
  • 20 Snow geese (no possession)
  • 5 Sandhill Crane (3 day possession)

*Shooting hours are one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset!

Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Being situated at the very northern edge where the prairie ends and bush begins our hunters get one last opportunity for a hunt of a life time before the birds migrate north one last time to their breeding grounds for the summer.  This is a very critical time for the snow geese as they need to feed harder and longer than any other time throughout the year. They need to have adequate energy to sustain the last leg of their migration as they head to their breeding grounds where they will have nothing but small amounts of grass and bugs to keep them alive until they reach the golden wheat fields of Saskatchewan the following fall! 

A typical hunt in the spring takes place in a freshly scouted field that birds are comfortable and have been patterning to making for great results day in and day out.  Being there is a limit in Saskatchewan during the spring season we typically only hunt mornings unless the birds do not cooperate and we have an unsuccessful morning hunt. It is more important for us to take the rest of the day to scout and secure the next day’s hunting location to ensure we can provide the quality of hunting that our clinets have come to expect!

Spring Limit

  • 20 snows geese


Nestled in a quite rural setting our lodge provides all of the ammenites of home and then some. Along with our amazing cooks and house cleaners you are sure to feel right at home. At the end of the day you can sit around the fire and relax and riminess about the hunt!


Travel Plans

  • Traveling by vehicle we are located in the north central part of Saskatchewan 
  • Traveling Air you could fly into either Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport or Regina International Airport. Upon arrival you will rent a vehicle and join us at our hunting location.
  • We are rougly equal distane from Saskatoon or Regina so which every flight is more economical for you is what I would go with.

You will need a passport to get into Canada! Visit you local post office to apply today if you do not have one. (Process typically takes 4-6 weeks)

If you have a passport card that will only work if you are driving to Canada if you plan to fly you will need the passport booklet!

Also be sure to check your pass port well in advance to be sure it has not expired.

Bringing your Gun to Canada:

Bringing your gun to Canada is very easy and for the most part hassle free as long as you are organized. You will need to fill out a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form found in the link below. If you fill the form out completely other than signing it which has to be done in front of the customs officer this is a simple and pain free process. There is a $25 dollar charge to bring your gun across!

What to Bring for the Hunt (Printable PDF)



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